Our Spark! Innovation Workshop is an effective method to help you quickly define a clear path to growth.

Use Case

A SPARK! innovation workshop is our proven method for aligning stakeholders to ignite innovation at the enterprise.

Align stakeholders and investments to roadmap a clear vision for measurable business results
Embrace innovation and greenfield product development of custom business platforms
Create or revamp business lines or operating models using modern processes and technology
Respond quickly to competitive threats, market conditions, or emerging technologies

How it works

Spark Innovation Workshop - timeline of events within a Spark Workshop.

Facilitated Workshop

Experienced consultants armed with practical methods to turn complex business problems into new opportunities.

Ideal for

New product development

Emerging technology exploration

Rapid problem solving


1-2 day facilitated workshop




Roadmap and Estimate


1 week

Starting at $20k

Outcomes delivered

Understand the situation

Forge alignment of stakeholders, business case, and product-market fit for strategic decision-making.

Day 1: We will ask and answer critical questions to make decisions about what to build and why  before investing money, time, and resources.


  • Understand the current reality
  • Identify gaps and areas of improvement
  • Establish clear goals and success metrics

Shape the solution

Define and validate requirements, assumptions, and tactical methods to achieve the desired results.

Day 2: With a clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be, we can create a plan to get to the next level.


  • Define a path to desired state
  • Identify risks and challenges
  • Understand investment and ROI

Deliver a strategic blueprint

Actionable recommendations, estimates, and tactical roadmap with everything you need to make a data-informed decision to start building.

Day 5: We take all the information we've gathered and turn it into something a roadmap to deliver the desired outcomes.


  • 1-2 day facilitated workshop
  • Definition
  • Requirements
  • Visualizations
  • Roadmap and Estimate

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