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A steering wheel of a Toyota vehicle with the emblem in focus, shining on the center of the wheel. A connected car experience built with the help of Formula.Monks.
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Architected an AI-powered owner’s manual for Toyota.

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When Kraft Heinz wanted to leverage AI for its ideation initiatives, we recommended a Spark! to develop a clear path forward. We assessed its streams of consumer data and developed a roadmap for a centralized brand ecosystem, enabling it to virtualize its assets and meet customers where they are.

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HP saw an opportunity to leverage asynchronous content generation for its global audiences. Our Spark! workshop catalyzed innovation, and resulted in a roadmap for using AI to streamline production. Within a few weeks, HP saved millions in operational costs with its AI-powered automated content translation solution.

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SC Johnson was eager to put AI to work on ecommerce objectives, but needed to define a clear path forward. Our Spark! workshop revealed an opportunity for a pilot campaign using AI, which automated 60 percent of its processes and eliminated air gaps.

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