Software development with a focus on elegance and simplicity.

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We build beautiful applications and products. Beautiful products look great and work in a simple, intuitive manner.

A software product’s design language is established upfront, but the details of the experience and interaction layer emerge iteratively as a product is built.

Citrusbyte became TheoremOne in 2019, and TheoremOne then joined forces to form Formula.Monks in 2022. Read more about it here.

Service Offerings

Enterprise Consulting

Trusted technology advisors and go-to problem solvers.

Product Delivery

We advise, build, and scale digital products and organizations.

Managed Capacity

Build better and faster with global talent and effective methods.

Simplicity Inside and Out

The phrase “less is more” was coined by the writer, Robert Browning, and later adopted by the architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, as a precept for minimalist design.

In 1989, Lisp expert, Richard P. Gabriel, explained why less functionality is preferable in terms of usability and maintainability. Not only the implementation has to be simple but, anything that puts at risk the simplicity of the implementation should be discarded. Simplicity is the most important consideration in a design.

Prominent examples of that philosophy are Unix and C, two technologies developed at Bell Laboratories, that continue to be relevant decades after their inception.

There are several design methodologies, but not a single one guarantees quality or results. We believe that good software is — and has always been — the result of detailed analysis and careful design. Simplicity is not a feature or a side effect – it is the driving force that should be present in every design decision.

Work With Good People

There is no process, toolkit, or magic potion that guarantees that a team will create complex software the right way every time. The only replicable solution for success is great people. The team must have the expertise, passion and knowledge in order to not only develop, but continue to develop at a high velocity after a project scales in size and complexity.

All problems are ultimately people problems. So, we choose to work only with good people — this includes designers, developers and our clients too.

No Cruft.

We focus on results, not planning documents and artifacts. It’s not always possible to plan everything up-front, which is why we choose to employ agile methodologies like test driven development, lean UX, and the use of small, flat teams.

We aren’t dogmatic about any specific flavor of “Agile.” We do believe in the core concepts of working functionality over documentation, good people and teams over rigid process, and letting teams self organize in the manner they feel is best for the success of the project.

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A Partner, Not a Vendor.

The success or failure of the project depends on how the entire team functions as a unit — which includes you as the product owner and us as the designers and developers.

We like building things that are successful and we will guide and push the project to have the best possible chance of success.

Outcomes That Matter

Beautiful Products

Simplicity Inside & Out

Work With Good People

Four co-workers collaborating in a modern office with green plants around and bright light from a nearby window.