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Esthlos is a private community for technology executives who are looking to connect, learn, and grow, powered by Formula.Monks.

The community is designed to provide a space for these executives to share ideas, debate challenges, and build relationships. Each dinner is hosted by Ben Lee, CMO of Formula.Monks and a 2x-Exited Tech Entrepreneur, and the topics of discussion are always varied.

Community Benefits

  • Access to a private online forum

  • A mentorship program

  • Networking opportunities with other technology executives

Focused Topics

  • The future of artificial intelligence

  • The challenges of building a global team

  • The importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Upcoming Event

Dinner in New York, NY


Surprise guests, a guided mindfulness meditation, and interesting curated conversations to get everyone interacting and engaged. Attendees are hand-selected for participation.

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Ground Rules

Bring your authentic selves

We strive to be of value to one another in this setting and that’s only achievable if everyone shows up in a real, authentic way.

Silence your devices

We’re all constantly plugged into technology as part of our roles as busy executives. Esthlos dinners are a chance to pause, reflect, and consciously connect with one another.

Be present

Everyone at these dinners has been hand-selected as an experienced technology executive. You’ll receive the greatest value by giving fully to the community.

Our invite only dinners are held in major metropolitan areas around the United States including, but not limited to, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

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Never miss an event.

Our events are curated environments for us to connect. If you’re looking to ignite your company’s technology initiatives, we’d love to hear from you.

Please fill out the form below, or message us directly at for your personal invitation to our exclusive networking engagements.