A SPARK! AI Accelerator is our proven method for helping big brands leverage AI effectively.

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Adonya, Product Owner for Spark!
Product Owner, Spark!
Let's embark on a journey of AI innovation together!
Case Study

Helping Hewlett Packard accelerate their business through AI.

We worked with HP to help them explore and prioritize how AI could accelerate their business across all their silos. This included workshops to create the roadmap to get there, as well as some experimental synthetic production leveraging real influencers for maximum impact.

A Formula.Monks leads the AI Accelerator Workshop with HP in a bright office with sticky notes along a glass wall. The participants are engaged and actively asking questions.

We connect AI ambitions to technology solutions with our modular team of experts.

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Diving deep into your problems and translating them into opportunities.

Proof of Concept

We'll roadmap the path to demonstrate capabilities to stakeholders with a rapid prototype.

Build & Manage

Taking all the information we've gathered and processing all the findings to create a valuable blueprint to accelerate your jump into AI.
“The Formula.Monks team and our organization easily integrated and seamlessly took on the project tasks and their agile process netted daily, weekly results. They are a high performing group and better than any other vendor I have experienced in my 25 years with American Express. Not only did they deliver on budget, we got extras we did not expect.”

Sarvenaz Myslicki

VP of Technology, American Express

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We’re not selling a workshop, we’re selling results and experience.

We operate as your strategic advisors, technical experts, creative partners, and service provider to adopt AI at your enterprise.
Adonya, Product Owner for Spark!
Adonya Ourshalimian
Product Owner, Spark!

Typical AI Accelerator deliverables include:

AI strategy development of use cases that can accelerate your business
Opportunity spotting and threat assessment for where AI will impact your Industry
Define an AI roadmap for a practical solution that can be built to meet a specific problem
Data health assessment to determine blockers to bringing AI to your organization
Technical maturity audit to determine the skills and platform gaps in your organization
Partnership mapping to determine the best partners to help your organization leverage AI

Building something new is never easy, and it’s never a one size fits all solution.

We’re not going to try to sell you on some ‘workshop’ with set deliverables. This is a process where every Spark! is tailored to your unique needs.

How it works: What they tell you (simple A to B journey) versus Us – We believe planning is an iterative process that requires side journeys to get the best results.
Delivery: Them (Their unclear deliverables) versus Us – We'll deliver actionable artifacts; you'll quickly go from recommendations to results.
Teams: Them (Their traditional build team) versus Us – Our cross-functional teams and kinetic working models. We have engineers, product owners, designers, strategists, and more working on your specific solution.

We’re not selling a workshop, we’re selling results and experience.

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