Scott Griset

Co-Head of Global Consulting

Leveraging creative leadership at the helm of complex tech initiatives to drive growth for our partners.

Scott is the Co-Head of Consulting for Formula.Monks.

With more than a decade of impact in enterprise innovation, Scott utilizes his extensive expertise in the technology space to influence the growth trajectories of bluechip enterprises. His leadership played a pivotal role in the merger of TheoremOne with Media.Monks, highlighting his knack for fostering partnerships that yield industry-wide prosperity.

Scott’s experience underscores his ability to uncover insights that drive calculated decision-making at the enterprise level. An alumnus of UC Santa Barbara, he holds a degree in Business Economics alongside a variety of certifications that demonstrate his commitment to continuous professional development and industry awareness. Scott has also led countless software and development teams serving federal agencies and private institutions alike, a testament to his versatility and talent for addressing momentous challenges with poise and precision.

Recognized by his partners and colleagues for his consistency, creativity, and reliability, Scott brings a potent combination of industry expertise and ingenuity to the Formula.Monks executive team.

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