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Digital accessibility is critical to performance.

With rapidly emerging technology and compliance requirements, we are focused on growing a mature accessibility practice, internally and externally, to build products that are accessible by default.

Until recently, there was a fight in the courts as to whether the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) applied to digital properties. While the courts consistently ruled in favor, everyone was waiting for the Department of Justice to weigh in. On March 18, 2022, the DOJ made it clear that Digital Accessibility is the law of the land.

Accessibility and product performance issues are not limited to compliance and disabilities. Performance is critical to every user, whatever the situation. Accessibility issues also arise on mobile and wearable devices or when experiencing limited network connectivity. We focus on delivering digital experiences and products that are designed to be usable for as many people as possible with optimal performance in all use cases.

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Performance is critical to every user, in every situation

Accessibility - building products that take into account different impairments, such as cognitive, visual, auditory, motor, and speech impairments.

Why we pursue accessibility

As an inclusive and global community of technologists, we believe it’s our duty to scale our investment in being champions of digital access.

It's the right thing to do

Our goal is to establish a mature practice, internally and externally, to build products that are accessible by default.

It's an opportunity for innovation and impact

Accessibility at the enterprise is ripe for exponential innovation. With the rise of new technologies, including AI, there are many opportunities to align purpose with technology to serve all users.

It's the law

With changing laws and guidelines, enterprises may bear new risks for non-compliance. The number of lawsuits being filed against companies whose digital products and services are inaccessible has grown considerably in recent years.


Practice Leadership and Community

Connect and collaborate with our resident experts, advocates, and company network of practitioners, technology partners, and specialty service providers to create more impactful solutions together.

Understand Accessibility Standards

Our deep understanding and implementation of the industry standards, versions, and levels coupled with our ability to implement recommendations enables you to swiftly enact improvements.

Fix Compliance Issues

Our Accessibility experts will help you identify areas of risk and impact to build a roadmap to accessibility compliance and excellence.

Rigorous Accessibility Testing

We conduct in-depth assessments and testing to ensure compliance is achieved alongside an optimal user experience.

Power Accessibility with AI

Partner with us to explore creative ways to leverage advances in Artificial Intelligence to help solve long-standing issues with accessibility.

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