Technology Consulting at scale for Morningstar

Various devices with Morningstar's new dashboards and pages.

Longtime enterprise solutions partner for the financial giant.

We’ve had a strong relationship with Morningstar for more than 5 years. What started as a small engagement with a big focus on front-end development has evolved into a long-term partnership that empowers Morningstar’s product teams with design, engineering, and management capabilities in a flexible model that allows them to react swiftly to the way their needs change over time.

Today our technologists and creatives are fully integrated within Morningstar’s teams, going well beyond the traditional notion of partner-vendor. Our designers, engineers, and managers are distributed across multiple business units and complement the strengths of each one of those groups.

5+ year partnership that evolved from small engagement to long-term partners to empower Morningstar's teams.

Through our tailored cross-functional squads we have helped Morningstar define, design, setup, manage, enhance, re-platform, and even fadeout all types of B2B and B2C products for multiple business units. Including: 

  • Morningstar Plan Advantage (MPA) — one of their most ambitious retail products ever. The team focused on both business requirements and user needs and created an experience for the management of retirement plans. In partnership with Morningstar, we have successfully deployed instances of MPA for use by major financial services players, including UBS and Raymond James.
  • Managed Portfolios is a complex web application that compiles raw financial data and inputs from all different instances into a more approachable experience that allows advisors and less sophisticated users to make timely decisions and act accordingly.
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