A connected car is a connected consumer

Driving top automakers into the future with end-to-end innovative solutions.


The connected car is the next great consumer data platform.

The car is a hub for collecting and distributing data, and touchpoints create new revenue streams by offering immediate interactions between companies, brands, consumers, and physical products. As new engagement opportunities are defined, companies and brands from other industries and verticals will invest in and engage to build modern brand experiences through automotive connectivity. 

incremental value to be gained across the ecosystem by 2030
Experiential retail models are changing the dealership

A Connected Car is a Connected Consumer

Capabilities to drive innovation.

We ship solutions that drive authentic interactions with consumers and brands.

Digital Retail Experiences

From in-store AR experiences to award-winning car configurators linked to inventory and delivery, we help enhance the customer experience to increase sales.


Innovation studio to integrate emerging technology like IoT and 5G into the driver experience.

Launch Events and Experiences

Connect with consumers through immersive and memorable brand experiences.

Fleet Tracking and Asset Management

Improve supply chain visibility with asset management platforms to track and optimize fleets and routes.

Cloud and Data Strategies

Connect OEM and Dealer consumer data for data-informed decision-making and personalization.

Modernize Legacy Business Systems

Improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability through modern technology.


Advanced in-car experiences create new revenue opportunities for every industry

Consumer data is the leading profitability growth driver for automakers

The increasingly connected automotive ecosystem is exponentially generating massive data sets that can utilize now to revolutionize cloud and marketing opportunities across the automotive sector. Together, we can change not just the automotive industry, but the future of the car itself. 

Car connectivity is forging new brand allegiances and cross-tech partnerships

Auto companies are teaming up with cross-industry brands and digital technology giants to accelerate connected innovation and establish new ways to provide progressive experiences. Consumers are along for the ride, looking at connectivity options as a key factor in car buying and brand loyalty. It’s harmony in the making.

A direct to consumer future

The brand-consumer connection is critical for the future of car companies, with automakers speeding toward a fully D2C sales model by 2030, leaving the dealership model in the dust. It’s a complete overhaul of the automotive industry, with consumer relationships, and brand loyalty, the fuel that successful brands will run on for decades.

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