Case Study

Innovating a next-gen education platform for NWEA

Creating SOMO, an in-world interactive learning environment

Kid looking at laptop using the education platform.


NWEA needed help envisioning an educational platform incorporating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), a new teaching modality in response to the devastating impacts on youth from the pandemic. We created SOMO, an interactive third-person world that lets students explore SEL educational activities, learning assessments, personal resources, and community groups to foster continued engagement. The platform includes support tools for teachers that provide real-time data insights to help understand student needs, as well as close pain points preventing teachers from integrating new curricula in limited teaching time. This fun and innovative platform not only alleviated critical bandwidth issues for overworked instructors, but ushered in new learning methodologies to help students worldwide overcome effects of the pandemic.


9 months
Launched a high fidelity interactive world in just 9 months
NWEA assessments are currently used by over 9500 schools and districts in 145 countries
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