A SPARK! Innovation Accelerator is our proven method for igniting innovation at the enterprise. We are the growth partner that helps ambitious brands solve their most complex technology problems.

Adonya, Product Owner for Spark!
Product Owner, Spark!
Let's embark on a journey of innovation together!

Our work has been featured in...

Move over McKinsey, Formula.Monks has emerged as a truly all-in-one shop capable of everything from enterprise application development to a Super Bowl commercial.”
“Formula.Monks is one of the premier technology consulting operations in the world.”
“There are many things that set [Formula] apart from their competitors. [For us], it's their culture and understanding of our business. They always rise to the challenge, they’re always committed.
“Thanks to the platforms built by Formula.Monks, both of these legacy entertainment brands have grown to command impressive market share in the streaming wars.

Modular team of product experts and engineers. We sell solutions, not hours.

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Diving deep into your problems and translating them into opportunities.


Combining the best of both teams to reach a collective understanding and to co-create a product vision.


Taking all the information we've gathered and processing all the findings to create a valuable blueprint.
“Have recommended these vendors to another external company and have recently recommended this team to come back and work with us at American Express again. In both cases this team was hired. I would not put my brand on the line unless I knew that they would deliver as promised.”

Sarvenaz Myslicki

Director of Engineering, American Express

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We’re not selling a workshop, we’re selling results and experience.

The people who run your Spark! session are the ones you'll be working with throughout the delivery process. I'll be there with you from the start until hand-off to our talented consulting team.
Adonya, Product Owner for Spark!
Adonya Ourshalimian
Product Owner, Spark!

Building something new is never easy, and it’s never a one size fits all solution.

We’re not going to try to sell you on some ‘workshop’ with set deliverables. This is a process where every Spark! is tailored to your unique needs.

How it works: What they tell you (simple A to B journey) versus Us – We believe planning is an iterative process that requires side journeys to get the best results.
Delivery: Them (Their unclear deliverables) versus Us – We'll deliver actionable artifacts; you'll quickly go from recommendations to results.
Teams: Them (Their traditional build team) versus Us – Our cross-functional teams and kinetic working models. We have engineers, product owners, designers, strategists, and more working on your specific solution.

Typical Innovation Accelerator deliverables include:

Clear goal or experiment that you want to run with quantifiable results
Challenges, key questions, testing plan
Recommended next steps, costs and resourcing model
User roles, current state journey flows, list of pain points and associated business costs
An actual prototype you take to users and get real feedback on
Review results of user testing together to decide game plan

We’re not selling a workshop, we’re selling results and experience.

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