Innovating a world class IoT Platform for AT&T

Multiple components in a diagram coming together to create a powerful IoT platform for AT&T.

The first open platform built to enable end-to-end connected device solutions on a global scale.

AT&T’s IoT Services needed a new platform to simplify the Internet of Things experience to help users prototype, test, connect, and get their ideas to market faster. We began with user and market research, iterative low-fi designs, and customer prototyping, ultimately culminating in the M2X Data Service. The platform is a seamless blend of device management, data visualization, message brokering, provisioning, permissions configuration, event triggering, alarming, and geo-fencing – making AT&T the brand behind the world’s most sophisticated user interface for Internet of Things products and services.

Connected 70k+ pieces of hardware in the first six months

Over 4 Billion real-time data transactions per week

25k+ technology innovators building new IoT solutions

Dashboard created for AT&T's IoT platform.
Multiple screens of the new IoT platform created for AT&T.
View of the AT&T IoT dashboard on a tablet being used by someone.
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Dashboard created for AT&T's IoT platform.

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