Unifying the digital ecosystem for British Standards Institute

Three mobile devices with different views of the modern BSI platform.

Seamless integration of e-Commerce, subscription, and content into a single platform, with a Royal Charter-supported upgrade of legacy systems.

We designed, built, and launched an information services platform for the British Standards Institution to modernize their legacy systems, consolidate and upgrade an inconsistent user experience, and show the value of British Standards to a broader audience. Our research-backed platform improved an outdated client experience, reduced barriers to online purchasing, and addressed discoverability issues. We formulated a product & pricing strategy that positions BSI to grow average client revenue and adapt to the rapidly changing global landscape. All of which was supported by a Royal Charter.

Positioned for over £12m in annual revenue growth

Unified 4 applications into a single standards leadership hub

Architected and led integration efforts for all established SAP Finance and ERP modules within the services platform

Desktop view of the BSI platform.
Branding guidelines developed for BSI to bring new life to the brand and unify their platform.
Desktop and mobile device views of the BSI platform developed by Formula.
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Desktop view of the BSI platform.

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